Staff member playing with white dog.

Careers at Ruff Housing

We are glad that you are interested in exploring career opportunities at Ruff Housing. Before completing an application, we ask that you take a moment to review the job description below to determine whether or not you believe that the job would be a good fit for you and also determine whether or not you believe that you meet the job qualifications.


Most of our employees work as Counselors and our staffing needs for Counselors vary. So, we always accept applications for this position.

Our Counselor position is a fun position, but it is also hard work.

●       You are on your feet and active for the entire shift and you are working outside for a large portion of the day.

●       The starting pay for this position varies by location. There are also opportunities for additional salary increases based on performance.

●       Our shifts are typically 8:45 AM to 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM. We are looking for team members that are available to work most days.

●       For full-time employment, we are looking for team members that are available to work on most days including both Saturdays and Sundays and most holidays.

●       For part-time employment, we are looking for team members that are available to work at least four days per week with one of those days on either Saturday or Sunday.

●       Ruff Housing is a fast-growing company and there are opportunities for advancement. Our Bathers/Grooming Assistants, Lodging Specialists, Customer Service Specialists, and Shift Managers generally are team members that have been promoted from Counselors.

Job Responsibilities

●       Supervising approximately 10 dogs in a playgroup. Dogs are separated by size and play style.

●       Playing with and interacting with dogs of all sizes and breeds both indoors and outdoors.

●       Being attentive to the individual needs of the dogs in our care.

●       Keeping the daycare and lodging facility clean.

●       Counselors may occasionally work in other roles and assist in taking lodging dogs for outdoor walks and playtimes, cleaning kennel areas, and logging all appropriate information in individual charts.

Job Requirements

●       High school diploma or equivalent or related experience and/or training.

●       Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules and procedure manuals.

●       Employees must be able to lift unassisted a minimum of 40 pounds and be willing and able to safely restrain or move dogs of all sizes including dogs that are over 100 pounds.

●       While performing this job, employees will be standing, walking and active for most of the time.