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Take a look at what some of our customers have to say!

Our pup Libby had a great time at Ruff Housing. The facilities were nice and clean. The staff very efficient, friendly and professional. They know how to integrate different dog types together.

— Liza S.

The Ruff Housing staff were incredibly responsive, professional and friendly! They treated our pup like their own, and his groom looks great! Awesome place, we highly recommend!

— Angela M.

This is by far the best daycare option in Greensboro. My Australian Cattle dog goes to their wonderful Enrichment Program several times a week. I love that they also offer activity sessions where my dog gets to do agility, training, puzzles, treadmill running, and doggie yoga exercises. I have made many special requests, and the staff has accommodated each and every one of them patiently and without complaint. I get a report at the end of each day full of pictures and info about what my dog did.

— Ellen

We've been taking our pup to Ruff Housing for over a year now and we can't recommend it enough. The facility is very nice, both outside and inside, and the employees have always been so nice. If you're a regular like us, employees will remember your pup's name so it really feels like they love and care for them like their own.

— Mollie M.

Ruff Housing is great for both daycare and boarding. My dog is a high energy Siberian Husky. He gets so excited when we arrive at Ruff Housing, so I know he really loves it. When I pick him up he is always tired from all of the fun.

— Elizabeth S.

Super amazing location from the customer service to the individual interaction with my pup. Upon arrival she's super excited to run inside and play which brings me great peace of mind knowing she's safe and happy especially with a hectic workload at times.

— Miranda J.

Great staff. They really care about the dogs as their own. Facility is extremely clean. I love that they keep the big dogs separated from the small dogs.

— Jill B.

My little pup Ace loves this place. He enjoys playing with his friends. They also do an amazing job at grooming. Highly recommend!

— Joselin P.

First time taking my dog to Ruff Housing to help with some moderate separation anxiety issues. I was very impressed with the facility and staff. My dog absolutely loved the enrichment program and was so tired and happy after his day at Ruff Housing! Will definitely bring him again!

— Morgan B.

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